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Executive Summary

EggPlus, the first incubation program by S6 Global through thorough devising action and strict screening method. S6 Global supporting EggPlus with US $1.5 million funds, also it will provide product packaging, operation support and promotion assistance. In addition, EggPlus will be listed on S6 Global Exchange, so as to truly present great project to everyone.

EggPlus provides a decentralized financial asset that rewards holders with a sustainable fixed compound interest model by using its unique EAP protocol.

EggPlus Auto-Staking Protocol (EAP) is a new financial instrument, which makes staking easier, more efficient and also provides the highest stable cryptocurrency return for $EGGPLUS holders

EAP provides auto-staking and compound interest function for $EGGPLUS, the highest fixed APY in the market - 183,294%, with a daily ROI of 2.08% for the first 12 months.

$EGGPLUS is a BEP-20 token that gives passive interest every 15 minutes automatically. Our smart contracts are carefully prepared by the team's engineers. This ensures the continuity and stability of the project.

Purpose of Creating EAP Agreement

Team members of EggPlus Auto-staking Protocol have made great achievements in the financial sector including in the cryptocurrency field. It is devised through hundreds of DeFi projects that have complex economic model that limits the participation of many investors. The purpose of creating this protocol is to establish a blockchain based metaverse, which is managed by all EAP protocol investor. At the same time, through the long-term effective compound interest mechanism, everyone can realize financial freedom.

EAP Investment Freedom - $EGGPLUS holders will be rewarded with sustainable fixed interest rates. Holders only need to purchase EggPlus and hold it in their wallet to get returns of EggPlus value every 15 minutes automatically. There is no collateral, no claiming, as everything is programmed by smart contract

EAP’s High Returns - the annual rate of return is up to 183,294%, supported by scientific computing and seed funding from EggPlus. Hence if you invest 100 $EGGPLUS today, you will get 183,294 $EGGPLUS in 365 days, realizing 1,833 times the value without considering the price increase.

EAP Governance - in the EAP world, all rights are given to the holders. We put forward different suggestions. It is up to all users who hold $EGGPLUS to make decision.

EggPlus Auto-Staking Protocol is focusing on the innovation of DeFi. Team has the knowledge, motivation and ability, as well as sufficient financial support from the investment of funding companies. We will promote EAP agreements globally through a series of unparalleled marketing strategies.

Benefits of EAP

A simple and safe way to get paid. When purchasing of $EGGPLUS, it will be auto-staked and compounded in your wallet, no transferring of token to website or claiming proceeds manually. You just need to wait for the $EGGPLUS reward provided by EAP. It is the easiest way to get returns on your investment in DeFi.

With the increase of TVL, the APY of almost all defi projects is declining rapidly, which means that you will get lesser returns. EAP pays $EGGPLUS holders daily fixed interest rate of 2.08%, or a compound interest rate of 183,294% per year, which is the highest in the industry.

Quick payment of interest. This pays rewards to each $EGGPLUS holders every 15 minutes or 96 times a day, making it the fastest automated composite protocol in cryptocurrencies.

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Purpose of Creating EAP Agreement
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